Screwed Free Fall Fire Valves

The FEL range forms part of an integrated fire protection system for generator or boiler fuel installations.  

The valve provides a compact, leak-proof positive action mechanism that is designed to provide 100% shut off when used as a fuel isolating valve, or opening, when used as a fuel dump valve.  

The valve allows the weight to start to fall before it is required to move the valve lever. This makes sure that the weight drops and closes the valve.

Suitable for installation in either horizontal or vertical pipe work.

 Standard Free Fall Valve assembly comprises of a valve, lever, and weight, together with a fitting kit.

 Standard valves are manufactured in cast iron to ASTM A126 Gr B.

 Suitable for use with fuel oils at pressures up to 14 bar.

 Valves with screwed connections have BSP tapered threads.

Standard Fire Valves are supplied with a ‘Lubricating Compound’, which is a general-purpose sealant, suitable for hydrocarbons.

May be actuated mechanically or electrically.

Supplied with a Fire Valve Kit, available in sizes, Small (15 to 50mm NB valves), Medium (65 to 100mm NB valves) and Large (125 to 200mm NB valves).

Kits contain Pulley Wheels, Stainless Steel Cable, Fusible Links (Standard 72 Degrees), Warning Signs, Cable Connectors and Tension Springs, any of which may be purchased as individual products.