The FEL Valves range of actuated ball valves are specifically designed for use with diesel or Biofuels. The range is available from ½” to 6”, full bore, with screwed BSP, NPT or FLANGED connections. We offer a wide variety of actuators, most commonly a “Fail Safe” actuator (Spring Return) and a Motor Open / Motor Close actuator. Please contact us for a Motor Open / Close Actuator.

Fail Safe Actuators – ½” through to 2” (Screwed BSP) NPT Thread is available on request

This is Rotary actuator with emergency control function for 2-way and 3-way characterised control valves. Direct mounting on ball valve only with a screw.

  • “Normally Open” or “Normally Closed” when energised. Spring Return (Fail Safe) when de-energised.
  • Mounting position in relation to the ball valve can be selected in 90 degrees steps.
  • Overload protected and without final position switch, current reduction in rest position.
  • Torque: Available options are 10 & 20 Nm @ nominal voltage
  • Nominal voltage: AC 24...240 V / DC 24...125 V / 50/60 Hz (Multi Voltage Actuator). A 12V option is also available (Please contact us about a 12V option)
  • Control: open/close

Power Consumption:

  • Operation: 7 W @ nominal torque
  • In rest position: 3.5 W
  • Rating: 18 VA


  • Motor: cable 1 m, 2 x 0.75 mm squared

Direction of Rotation:

  • Motor: selectable with switch
  • Spring return: NC - de-energised valve closed (This can also be de-energised valve open)
  • Angle of rotation: max. 90 degrees
  • Manual override: via hand crank and interlocking switch

Running time:

  • Motor: 75 s
  • Spring return: ca. 20 s

Safety class:

  • II protective insulated

Degree of protection:

  • IP54
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