FEL Free Fall Fire Valve’s: FEL Free Fall Fire Valve’s form part of an integrated fire protection system for generator or boiler fuel installations. The FEL range of free-fall fire valves provides a compact, leak-proof positive action mechanism that is designed to provide a positive, 100% shut off when used as a fuel isolating valve, or opening when used as a fuel dump valve. The free-fall linkage allows the weight to start to fall before it is required to move the valve lever. This makes sure that the weight achieves sufficient momentum to activate the mechanism. Specification
  • Suitable for installation in either horizontal or vertical pipework.
  • Standard Free Fall Valve assembly comprises of a valve, lever and weight, together with a fitting kit.
  • Standard valves manufactured in either cast or ductile iron to A126 Gr B
  • Carbon and stainless steel valves available.
  • Standard valves are suitable for use with fuel oils at pressures up to 14 bar.
  • A gas approved range of Free Fall Fire Valves are also available from DN25.
  • Valves with screwed connections have bsp tapered threads.
  • Flanged valves are available with either BS 4504 PN 16/25 flange drillings or to ANSI standards.
  • Standard Fire Valves are supplied with a ‘Lubricating Compound’, which is a general purpose sealant, suitable for hydrocarbons. Additional compounds can be purchased to maintain the valve and it's warranty by quoting our product code 20-050.
  • Electrically actuated Fire Valve systems utilise a standard valve, lever and weight and use an E-MAG Electro-Magnetic Release System, allowing actuation by making or breaking an electrical circuit, usually 24V DC or 230V AC.
  • The installation of the Fire Valve Status Indicator, Electro Mechanical Release or Wall Mounted Changeover Switch may provide remote signalling of the Fire Valve status, or allow direct switching of electrical equipment where applicable.
Free Fall Fire Valve (Screwed) Click to view larger table. Free Fall Fire Valve (Flanged) Click to view larger table.