FEL Valves custom length multi-point float switches are most importantly suitable for diesel application. They are an extremely cost-effective way to monitor multiple liquid level points within a single tank. This multi-point (Between 1 and 4 floats) can be configured specifically to your needs.
  • As single switches for High’ fuel level indication
  • Twin float switches can provide ‘High’ and ‘Low’ switch points for indirect pump start/pump stop applications or to provide pre-set alarm indications, perhaps for overfilling and fuel reorder points.
  • Four float assemblies usually provide a combination of alarm and pump start/pump stop functions, whereby the lower and upper floats give Low Low and High High indication
You may choose between ‘Make on Rise’ or ‘Make on Fall’ switch orientation together with the switch point dimensions taken from the top of the tank into which the float switches are to be installed.   We offer 2 different kinds of float switches
  • A “Rigid” float switch (This is custom made to your requirement and is made using a 316stainless steel stem and work on magnetic reed switches)
  • A “Flexible” Float Switch (This has been developed to meet the requirements of the tank, supplied with a 1” BSP plastic male plug and fittings kit, for easy installation. The flexible switch is suspended into the fluid to be monitored by means of weight and is secured at the desired level by a cable gland in the plug, the float switch and casing are made of durable nylon-based plastic and is suitable for use in diesel oil. This works on a magnetic reed switch system and can be supplied in 2 different lengths (5m or 15m of cable)
  • Only a single entry point into the tank is required, and all electrical wiring emanates from a single source.
  • The terminal housing is of cast aluminium to IP67, whilst the internal switches have a standard rating of 1.0amp 230V ac.
  • 316 Stainless Steel tube
  • NBR Floats (Nitrile Butadiene Rubber floats have excellent resistance to liquids such as oil and gasoline and can be used in high-temperature applications as well)
  • First float must be a minimum of 65mm
  • 40mm (Minimum) between each float
  • 35mm to be added after the last float
  • 1.0amp switch rating
  • The maximum switch depth is 3000mm#
  *Important* Please be advised that we will do our best to be as accurate as possible on each of the switches.  It's important to be advised that the switch depth might have a variance of 5mm +/-


    Switch Depth

    Make on Rise

    Make on Fall